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  • 1959

Mr. and Mrs. Pierre ROMET created a small garage in the town of GENNES SUR GLAIZE located in the south of the department of Mayenne (53). At that time, Mr. Pierre ROMET began his activity by repairing all types of vehicles including agricultural equipment. Thanks to a growing customer base, the small garage in the city center became a larger workshop in the suburbs of the village. The sale and repair of agricultural equipment then predominated the activity of the company.

  • 1972

ROMET establishments become dealers for the Italian tractor brand SAME.

  • 1979

Creation of the first branch in PEUTON, based in the southwest of the department of Mayenne (53), 25 km from Gennes sur Glaize. 

  • 1985

Creation of a second branch in CHÉRRÉ, based in the northwest of the department of Maine et Loire (49), 25 km from Gennes sur Glaize.

  • 1987

ROMET establishments become a limited liability company : SARL ROMET.

  • 1989

SARL ROMET become dealers for the tractor brand MASSEY-FERGUSON in the department of Mayenne (53).       

  • 1991

Creation of a third branch in VAUTORTE, based in the north of the department of Mayenne (53) at 5 km from ERNÉE. The head office still located in GENNES SUR GLAIZE undergoes major expansion work both in terms of offices and workshops. A new store is created with an agricultural self-service shop.

  • 1995

Jean-Pierre and Jean-Bernard ROMET took over the activity and the company with their mother Mrs ROMET after the passing of Mr Pierre ROMET. Jean-Pierre and Jean-Bernard ROMET were already present in the family business since 1979.

The company has at disposal a warehouse of second-hand equipment not far from the head office, still in Gennes sur Glaize. They sell  spare parts and all-brand second-hand accessories since 1995.    

  • 1996

Creation of the fourth branch in JUILLE, based in the north of the department of Sarthe (72), 30 km from LE MANS. On this occasion, the SARL Romet company becomes the exclusive dealer of the MASSEY FERGUSON brand for the whole department of the Sarthe.

  • 2002

In March 2002, the Holding SARL Groupe Romet merged with three companies : the SAS Romet 53, the SAS ROMET 72 and the SAS Romet 49. 

In May 2002 was created the fifth branch in NOYEN SUR SARTHE, in the southwest of the department of Sarthe, 20 km from SABLE SUR SARTHE. This agency becomes the head office for the department.

  • 2005

Creation of our website to attract more international customers and at the same time concentrate our important volume and diversity of equipment.                

In October 2005, opening of a new branch in VAIGES in the department of Mayenne (53) to answer the customers’ needs in terms of proximity.



  • 2006

In October 2006, the SAS ROMET 49 becomes dealer for the tractor brand DEUTZ, in addition to the brands SAME and MASSEY FERGUSON in the department of Maine et Loire (49).

  • 2007

In September 2007, creation of a branch in COURCITE in the northeast of the department of Mayenne to facilitate the access to the company for the customers from that area.

The company bought and took over the company Bricaud Motor Agricole with 2 branches in VARADES and ABBRETZ in the department of Loire Atlantique (44). The head office of these 2 branches is SAS Romet 49. Historically DEUTZ dealers from almost 50 years, the acquisition of Bricaud Motor Agricole enabled the expansion of our sector. Those 3 branches are currently named ROM-AGRI.

  • 2009

Inauguration of the new offices in the head office in GENNES SUR GLAIZE for the 50th birthday of the company.

  • 2010

In April 2010, acquisition of the company GREEN-MAT that became ROMET Motoculture to reinforce our activity parks and gardens. ROMET Motoculture is located in GENNES SUR GLAIZE. 

In December 2010, acquisition of the company PLATON and Fils in CHALLAIN LA POTHERIE, based in the north of the department of Maine et Loire (49), included in the ROM-AGRI company. It reinforced our proximity and service for our clientele.

  • 2013

Construction of a new building in ABBARETZ in order to transfer ROM-AGRI activity in the new trading estate.

  • 2014

In June 2014, acquisition of the SARL Agri 2000 in BOULOIRE, based in the southwest of the department of Sarthe (72) to become the third branch of SAS ROMET 72.          

In September 2014, creation of a new branch in SERIGNY, based in the southeast of the department of Orne (61) to reinforce the brand MASSEY FERGUSON.  

  • Currently…

The Holding Groupe ROMET and its branches : SAS ROMET 53, SAS ROMET 72, SAS ROMET 49-ROM-AGRI and SARL ROMET Motoculture employ 165 people full time and train 25 students in apprenticeships at the shop and at the workshop, and some students in professional contracts with the finality to become salespersons in agricultural machinery.